Streamline, Schedule & Plan

This 2-in-1 Notion Template includes a project management system for your business to organise and track every content piece.

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Daily Planners

Get it Done

The perfect tool for effective planning and time management. This planner is equipped with everything you need to stay on top of your daily tasks and prioritise self-care. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to a fulfilling day, every day.

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to-do lists

Tick It Off

Good days start with a good list. Compile your daily to-dos, grocery runs, podcasts to listen to and more with our handy and portable list notepads. 

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to help you achieve a focused and fulfilling day with products that do not overwhlem. We believe that productivity & self-care must co-exist for you to create a healthy balance.

Looking for design services?

At Ode Studio, we create minimal and timeless designs through brand strategy. Whether you're looking to rebrand your business or refresh your packaging - we design, print and deliver to your doorstep!