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Welcome to Ode Studio

Ode was born in 2019 by two college students who were committed to making academic life easier. What seemed like a fleeting dorm room conversation has now turned into a growing business. From building a niche around student-oriented stationery we diversified ourselves into a complete design studio.


Ode is created to help you live your life in a purposeful, healthy and organised way. To make you feel calmer with all-in-one tools that encourage self-growth while also being productive.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make planning a part of your everyday. To help you feel clear headed, calm and de-stressed through tools that do not overwhelm. Whether you’re obsessed with all things organisation and stationery or are just starting out - we aim to bring your vision to life. Ode is created with you, for you. 

How our journey began

Since the first day we met in college, we have always talked about organising, planning & journalling. Our class schedules were written down in a very neatly drawn timetable, our notes would be colour coded & we’d actively make endless lists to keep ourselves in check. 


Little did we know that our love for planning and organising would lead to the birth of Ode Studio. As students, we would always want minimal planning tools, all in one journals & notepads that were easy to navigate - but we never found exactly what we were looking for, that is when we decided to create our own. 

We create with the dream of spreading the essence of Ode through minimalism and productivity. With our range of paper goods sourced and manufactured in India, we strongly believe in the supporting the local along with providing the highest quality goods. We have always been creative souls that embody a minimal lifestyle, and expressing that as an extension of ourselves has been the most fulfilling journey.

With love,

Aastha & Srishti

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