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5 Ways to Plan in an Effective Way

A Procrastinator's Guide On How To Get Organised

One lesson that you’ll keep learning throughout your life, is that forward thinking is a skill that you’ll always keep perfecting. When it comes to planning your week and workload as an entrepreneur, student, employee - it can be tricky to balance deadlines, social commitments & much-needed downtime.
A blank page and an empty book can seem daunting to work when trying to get your work in order. Our #PlanInPastels planner give you a helping hand with useful prompts, trackers and designated spaces to help you organise your week or month.

Make your planner work for you. All paper planners and organisational experts share that the secret to a healthy work/life balance is flexibility. If you’re forcing yourself to stick to a perfect schedule, you’re more likely to fall out of love with your planner & end up overwhelmed. The planner is here to help you navigate your work days while maintaining that balance of also taking care of yourself in the process.

Prioritise your tasks

When you get started with your planner, start with evaluating what work is most important. If you’re constantly fighting fires and overwhelmed to get work completed in time for a deadline, then this is the most crucial step.

Using stickers & colour coding can work wonders. The traffic light system indicating the level of urgency is a simple way to help you identify the important tasks. Find a system that works well for you and train yourself into the habit to assess what requires your attention.

Create a schedule

Finding a rhythm and routine to your week will cultivate a sense of calm. If you start early on Mondays - use the night before to plan your day and time block for specific tasks. This will help you compartmentalise and give each project the focus it deserves. Note down events, deadlines or commitments before the month starts. Once you physically see your whole month’s schedule - you’ll be able to meet deadlines keeping these events in mind & work well in advance.

BONUS: When you get caught up with work, being aware of the positives that have happened in the day can be grounding. Write down the best part of your day and remind yourself of little things to be grateful for. Striking that balance is crucial to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Track your progress

Never lost focus on why planning pays off. By keeping a record of this things you’ve achieved through your organisation & planning - you’ll motivate yourself to always be on top of your schedule. If your results aren’t as you hoped, note them down and re-evaluate how you split your time & what you can do more of.

Cultivating habits that elevate your mind is crucial if you want to have a clear head and prevent brain fog. Whether it’s waking up early, meditating or exercising, track your progress with the habit tracker to see how it’s impacting your every day.

Recognise your self-growth

There is no denying that work like can be overwhelming, but in the midst you tend to forget to take care of yourself. Each month has prompts to help identify your self growth, aspects to re-evaluate & keep yourself in check. Whether it’s writing down your favourite song of the month or a positive thought you want to carry - you must strike that balance to keep yourself steady.
Planning is a great habit to get into while navigating through your work life - with an eye on what’s coming up ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy moments when you’re not working even more. You’ll know exactly what needs to be done, and what can wait for the next day. Tasks will always be noted down and deadlines will always be remembered - you’ll be able to focus on the present.

Most importantly, you’ll realise that planning is an inevitability of adulthood. Whatever path you end up in - planning and scheduling will play an integral role in how you do your job. Have fun with it since it’s only here to guide you into a stress-free life. Comment your favourite part of the #PlanInPastels planner - we'd love to know!

Start your planning journey here.
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